Maryse Dunbar
for Vermont House

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Candidate to Represent central Essex
In the Vermont House of Representatives

Many thanks to all who wrote in my name for STATE REPRESENTATIVE on the Primary ballot. Now the race begins.....

"Maryse Dunbar"

For State Representative

Why am I running?

TO GIVE PEOPLE A CHOICE for a Republican candidate.

Determined to make responsible fiscal decisions & law enforcement changes to favor Vermonters.

It was such an honor to have campaigned in 2020 to represent citizens of Essex 8-1 which has now been redistricted as Chittenden 23 with some boundary changes. Restoring FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY is a must.

In this crucial time of skyrocketing inflation, irresponsible spending & taxation, increased crime, unaffordable home heating & gas prices, food insecurity, and so many issues which are crippling the average Vermonter. Meanwhile there has been a one-sided majority at the Statehouse for close to 50 years. DO WE LIKE WHAT'S HAPPENING? Families just want to thrive and feel safe. It's overdue time to restore balance in power at the Montpelier Statehouse which will I hope will resonate with victory throughout the state of Vermont in the future.

It has become clear that this years' focus must be on these major issues:

  • Restoring FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY is a must! HOME HEATING FUELS, GAS, & FOOD PRICES MUST COME DOWN! I would do all within my power to bring much needed recovery and stability to our Vermont economy. The $6 billion which the federal government now allocates to us to support Vermont is not guaranteed to continue.

  • CRIME! Violent crime and drug use have reached unseen levels here. Trust in law enforcement must be renewed. I'd propose avenues for more mental health, drug counselling, and corrective measures.

  • NO NEW CARBON TAXES! The Global Warming Solutions Act that passed 2 years ago is a disaster which will in many ways, cost more than is even possible for our citizens to pay.

  • Opposing taxes on Veterans' retirement.

If elected, I will do everything within my power as your State Representative to protect & work FOR you. That's what I see the job of being a STATE REPRESENTATIVE to be.

"Good Government is Responsible Legislation, not just a Party"


"We need balance in Montpelier. Legislation is much better when both parties participate. Maryse Dunbar will provide that balance for the voters of Essex. She has the experience and the energy we need to make Vermont more affordable for our families. I hope you'll support her as your next Representative".

quote by Gov. Jim Douglas